Liquor Express and Craft Beer Store - The largest beer, wine and spirits store in Alabama.
1812 University Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35801 Map 256-539-4333
Hours: M-Th 9am-12am • Fri-Sat 9am to 1am • Sun 10am-10pm
Taproom open all store hours except last two hours before close.

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Latest News & Events

Drop by and enter to win an Edgestar kegerator. Drawing will be held on Christmas Eve; (you do not have to be present to win.)
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5-7 PM

Goodwood - Jan. 13,14

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Paint Your Own Growler
Thurs., Jan. 19 - 6pm. See Craft at Liquor Express FB to sign up. $75
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Paint This Bowl
Jan. 29 - 6pm. Our potters will show you how to paint this beautiful bowl. Sign up now on the FB page for Craft at Liquor Express. $45


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Get answers to common questions.
  • • Do you deliver?

    State law does not allow us to deliver alcohol. If you have a large order, we’re happy to have it ready for you to pick-up if you call us in advance.
  • • What size kegs do you have?

    Our kegs come in three sizes: • 1/6 barrel (56 12 oz. cups) • quarter barrel (82 12 oz. cups) • half barrel (165 12 oz. cups)
  • • Are you open on holidays?

    Yes. Holidays are always very busy for us. We’ll be here. Come on down.
  • • When is the tap wall open?

    During store hours and up ‘til two hours before closing.
  • • How can I rent Craft for a meeting or event?

    Drop by or give us a call during regular business hours and we’ll set that up for you. See our Events tab for more info about rental rates.
  • • Can I bring food for my meeting or party at Craft?

    Yes, you can bring in food, or we’re happy to handle order and delivery for you at any of the restaurants or fast-food places near us.
  • • Did I leave my wallet in the parking lot?

    If anyone turns in lost property with contact information inside, we try to find its owner, but you’re welcome to come check out the parking lot on your own.
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Our staff can help you with gifts for all types of occasions.
We have gift bags for wines and spirits, and a variety of other gift options like these in the store.
Come in and see what we can customize for you.